Harnessing the electrochemical basis of biological processes, electromedicine offers a wide range of application in the pain arena. By Daniel L. Kirsch, PhD, DAAPM, FAIS Practical PAIN MANGEMENT, July/August 2006

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One might ask: “Why do we not try the most inexpensive and conservative treatments first, instead of last?” When such treatment is based on sound principles, most physicians are surprised to discover that the results are often more immediate and spectacular than they can imagine. In fact, electromedicine is fast becoming recognized as one of the primary safe, efficacious, and certainly most cost effective treatments of choice in the 21st century. Its greatest benefit is in maintaining functional homeostasis.

General Overview of Benefits to a Practice (Using Electromedicine)

  • Very low incidence of adverse effects
  • Relatively easy to learn
  • Can be administered by paramedical personnel or by patients at home
  • Expands the practitioner’s clinical capability.
  • Enhances the total efficacy of clinical efforts
  • A proven effective alternative therapy in cases refractive to conventional methods
  • Eliminates, or reduces, the need for addictive medications in chronic pain and stress syndromes and allows the limited use of necessary drugs where polypharmacy effects are not well tolerated
  • May be applied on a scheduled basis or as needed
  • Some technologies produce cumulative and long-term effects as healing ensues
  • Highly cost effective. Electromedical products are durable, and may be used for year after year