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The only known “cure” for anything is your own God-given immune system.
All I did is figure out how to communicate with it and power it up.

– Ed Skilling, Engineer/Inventor

Inventing and Manufacturing One-Of-A-Kind Technologies for the Health of Your Life

The Skilling Institute incorporates 60-plus years of research and development into results-oriented and body-friendly energy therapy instruments. We provide world-class “power tools” for your total well-being, along with a professional and honest approach. Our wellness technologies are utilized and loved by individuals and practitioners in over 60 countries around the world.


Easy to Use

The Skilling instruments are simple to install and use – just plug them in and turn them on. They are designed for everyone to easily use with no complicated settings to figure out. Our quality instruments are maintenance-free and do not require calibration or programming. We provide complete instructions for uses and recommendations. Our “Get Started” guides include answers to frequently asked questions. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer service staff are available by phone and email.



The Skilling Institute developed our “power-packed” body-friendly wellness technologies to function externally and comfortably supporting and empowering your body’s own innate healing intelligence and natural support and repair systems. Our proprietary technologies communicate nourishing life-force energy at the cellular level in harmony with the body, wholistically enhancing, enlivening and conditioning the body on many levels. They are designed to power up and reinforce the way the body is designed to heal itself.


Amazing Results

Our users all over the world report many noticeable advantages and positive changes including feeling more relaxed, lively and robust, sleeping better, and getting their energy and life back! Individuals and practitioners rave about noticeably improved quality of life at all stages and ages. Acupuncturists, chiropractors, holistic specialists, longevity seekers and mind-body advocates are delighted with their results. Athletes love the Skilling technologies for speedy recovery and gaining a competitive edge!

The Skilling “Power Tools”

The body is primarily electric, and needs coherent, harmonized electrical energy as a vital nutrient which is foundational to all life. It is found in nature as part of the Earth’s dynamic processes and occurs naturally in all of our bodies, controlling the function of every healthy cell. A variety of electrical impulses in our anatomy help facilitate all bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance, healing and regeneration. Our proprietary energy technologies can be easily used daily by everyone to support maximum well-being and quality of life.

Photon Genie

In the year 2000, after nearly 40 years of research and development, Ed Skilling and the Skilling Institute released a breakthrough technology named the Photon Genie. Combining all of the previous technologies into one instrument, it was the first to incorporate newly developed regeneration energy, and includes the power of noble-gas energy transmission. The noble-gas tubes pulse electrical energy in direct contact with your skin, releasing beneficial ozone and oxygen that smells like fresh, summer rain. The Photon Genie "energy transmitters" emit combinations of harmonic energy directly to the body for recharging and balancing. Your body will thank you.

Super Sauna

The Super Sauna (Photon Genius) is a revolutionary type of open-design energy infrared sauna for “super-charged” optimal health. It is many times more powerful than traditional saunas, with 72 adjustable infrared emitters that radiate full-spectrum infrared heat (near, medium and far) directly to the body, head to toe, for maximum absorption. The infrared is combined with the Skilling proprietary energy technologies including 120 linear feet of noble-gas energy lights that quietly pulse on and off, and is synergistic with the infrared. The open design makes sessions easy and flexible. Users can stand and sit, move around, do yoga or other gentle exercise, and it’s wheelchair accessible.


The Skilling Institute designed the GoGenie (the two “energy transmitters” of the Photon Genie) for extra energy support while traveling. Additionally, the GoGenie is easily used for children, mobility-challenged patients, and animals. Our clients even use the GoGenie at senior care facilities and rehabilitation centers for their loved ones. The two energy transmitters can be easily worn or positioned on the body. Use it anywhere or anytime you feel health compromised or need an energy boost after a long day. Photon Genie and Super Sauna users love having the GoGenie for boosting their sessions and additional support while traveling or working at the office. It is great to use in the car!

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It’s addicting because your body likes it so much! If you’re thinking about opening one of these businesses with the Super Sauna, be prepared for a magical ride of human nature and hope and healing and be ready, because it is much bigger than you think it is and much more exciting and much more fulfilling in life!

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