“The only known “cure” for anything is your own God given immune system. All I did is figure out how to communicate with it and power it up.” Ed Skilling

The Skilling Institute provides the common sense approach to alternative cancer therapy based on years of experience which includes offering the world’s best in Electromedicine with Ed Skilling’s advanced electromedicine alternative therapy, the Photon Genie and NEW Photon Genius Super Sauna.

Be The Best You Can Be

Skilling Technologies are used by both individuals and practitioners including athletes, longevity seekers and those dealing with health situations. Both the Photon Genie (portable unit) and the Photon Genius (Super Sauna) empower the body’s immune system and help you to be the best you can be. These technologies help improve cellular energy and function and promote balance for the longterm. They are easy to use and they noticeably help improve quality of life at all stages of life.

Alternative Therapy “Power Tools”

The Skilling Institute’s 50 plus year history in the alternative therapy field of electromedicine delivers energetic strength and harmonic balance to the body. The Skilling Technologies empower the body’s innate healing ability (the immune system) by promoting improved energy and balance.

The Skilling Institute’s Photon Genie and Photon-Genius noticeably improve the effectiveness of most other alternative therapies and alternative cancer treatments and reduce negative side effects of most alternative therapies and alternative cancer treatments.

The Skilling Institute’s Photon Genie and Photon-Genius provide life-nourishing photobiotic energy to the cells of the body to strengthen the body’s immune system safely, easily and effectively. They empower delivery of good nutrition, supplements, and other alternative therapies by moving and balancing all the fluids of the body, including the Lymph systems reported by Lymphatic specialists.

The Skilling Institute’s Photon Genie and Photon-Genius are dynamic components of any alternative therapy including alternative cancer therapy or alternative cancer treatment.



The body is primarily electric and electricity is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies. A variety of electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate all bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance, healing and regeneration.


Photon Genie

The Upgraded Photon Genie represents the latest Skilling technology and is used as alternative therapy for Cancer, Lyme disease, Autism, Fybromyalgia, Immune System Disorders, Chronic Pain, Infections, etc.


Photon Genius

The NEW Photon Genius Super Sauna combines the latest in Skilling energy and infrared energy transmission. The Photon Genius offers dynamic body friendly energy on a “Mega” scale and is used by many for total body conditioning, weight loss, and the most serious bodily conditions.

Electro-medicine Alternative Therapy

Perhaps it’s the prospects of this new millennium, with its limitless potential for technological, medical and health advancement. Or, maybe it’s the way we are moving beyond traditional therapies for the opportunity to achieve more favorable personal health results.Whatever may drive our search for improving our quality of life, one thing is for certain, we are seeing a shift in the way we view and take responsibility for our personal health and well-being.

Despite the various benefits of pharmacological (drug) treatments, many problems such as complications, side effects and addictiveness have demonstrated to all of us, and those in the medical community, a need for experimentation with new approaches to personal health.

Many advanced and more experienced physicians have found that electro-medicine offers a viable and effective alternative to drug therapies or dangerous surgical and medical procedures.

About Dr. Hayle Adren

Dr. Hayle Adren, M.D., M.D.(H)

Dr. Aldren shares in this video how we generally underestimate the impact of electromagnetic pollution on our health and the importance of “healthy” electromagnetic nutrients needed to function properly.

Cells Are Electrical

He discusses that our cells are electrical and generally cancer cells are depoloarized. Technology like the Photon-Genius provides bioelectric energy that the body requires to function properly and removes effects of electromagnetic pollution.

The Photon-Genius Energy Sauna is used for total body conditioning and as an alternative therapy (bioelectric therapy) for many health situations.

February 2016

The Awful Truth About Chemo & Radiation – just released!


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January 2016

Photon Genius: Got Genius Report




September 2015

“The highest frequency and duration of sauna use reduced the risk of heart and all-cause deaths by over 50%.” Huffington Post article.




June 2015

Photon Genius clears Bio-Toxin skin rashes in 7 days; see before and after pictures here.

January 2015

Cancers Answers by Skilling Institute’s Director Warren Starnes. Inspiring, Thought Provoking, Common Sense Clues & Secrets For Success (Author diagnosed in 2007 with terminal cancer, 3 to 6 months to live; figured out most important steps)


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Why Electromedicine? (Click HERE to learn more)






Easy to Administer


Safe & Effective

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