“The only known “cure” for anything is your own God given immune system. All I did is figure out how to communicate with it and power it up.” Ed Skilling

The Skilling Institute manufacturers the Photon Genie and Photon Genius Super Sauna.  These body friendly technologies (proprietary) are the culmination of Skilling Institute’s 50 plus year history of research and development.

To activate closed captioning, press play on the video and then hover your mouse over the video. Click on the “CC” icon to activate the closed captioning.
To activate closed captioning, press play on the video and then hover your mouse over the video. Click on the “CC” icon to activate the closed captioning.

Be The Best You Can Be

Individuals and health practitioners, including athletes, longevity seekers and those dealing with health situations use the Skilling Technologies.

Users report that the Skilling Technologies noticeably help them to feel better and also minimize side effects of other therapies.

These technologies are easy to use and users report they noticeably help improve quality of life at all stages/ages of life.

They are body friendly and empower the immune system:

  • Energizing,
  • Balancing, &
  • Harmonizing

Immune System “Power Tools”

The Skilling Institute’s 50 plus year history in energy therapy technologies deliver body friendly energetic strength and harmonic balance to the body.

They empower the body’s innate healing ability (the immune systems); and in our opinion, when it comes to our body’s immune system, we generally cannot do too many favors for it, especially when dealing with life’s many stresses and toxic environmental exposures.



The body is primarily electric and electricity is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies. A variety of electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate all bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance, healing and regeneration. See Body Electric.

Photon Genie

The Upgraded Photon Genie represents the latest Ed Skilling technology.  It is portable, body friendly, and easy to use.

Photon Genius

The Photon Genius Super Sauna combines the latest in Skilling infrared energy transmission.  It is an easy to use open horseshoe design with 72 energy infrared emitters.

Electro-medicine Alternative Therapy

Whatever may drive our search for improving our quality of life, one thing is for certain, we are seeing a shift in the way we view and take responsibility for our personal health and well-being.

Why Electromedicine? (Click HERE to learn more)






Easy to Administer


Safe & Effective

February 2016
The Awful Truth About Chemo & Radiation – just released!


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January 2016

Photon Genius: Got Genius Report

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September 2015
“The highest frequency and duration of sauna use reduced the risk of heart and all-cause deaths by over 50%.” Huffington Post article.




June 2015
Photon Genius clears Bio-Toxin skin rashes in 7 days; see before and after pictures here.
January 2015
Cancers Answers by Skilling Institute’s Director Warren Starnes. Inspiring, Thought Provoking, Common Sense Clues & Secrets For Success (Author diagnosed in 2007 with terminal cancer, 3 to 6 months to live; figured out most important steps)


CancersAnswersCvrRev031416 small copy


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