Upgraded Photon Genie

The Skilling technologies are easy to use. Many users report noticeable quality of life improvements:

  • Energizing
  • Balancing
  • Relaxing

This relief means a lot, especially at stressful times.

The Photon Genie is often used to help reduce stress and help people feel more relaxed.

A health practitioner confirmed this when they reported to us:

“We are loving the Photon Genie! We have an ‘App’ that measures the body’s parasympathetic / sympathetic nervous system activity. We are finding that the Photon Genie activates the parasympathetic nervous system within 10 minutes. This is phenomenal!”

The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) is the rest and digest system.

The parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) is one of the two divisions, the other being the sympathetic, that together are called the autonomic nervous system.

1) Sympathetic (SNS) – Fight or Flight
2) Parasympathetic (PSNS) – Rest and Digest

Educational: Autonomic Nervous System: Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic (4:22 minutes video)

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Why Electromedicine? (Reports Reduces Stress, Pain)
Daniel L. Kirsch PhD, President of the American Institute of Stress

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The Photon Genie is available for personal and family use and to be used for personal, EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY.

The Photon Genie far and away dramatically exceeds the primitive frequency instruments of the past and present. It is body friendly and easy to use with four attachments: two energy wands and two energy box transmitters.

The Photon Genie excels in its comprehensive, full-sensory innovative and effective processing, transmission and delivery of life-force energy and communication to the cells and systems of the body.

The Photon Genie is the most advanced and effective vibrational energy technology in the world today.

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