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Ed Skilling

Ed Skilling began working with electronics and electricity when he was a boy. At the age of 10, he built his first radio. Throughout his life he continued to experiment and invent in many fields.

Initially, Mr. Skilling trained as an electrical engineer. Later, he branched out to mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic engineering. He enjoyed pushing the boundaries of accepted scientific knowledge, but was not satisfied with accepting the current day limitations. From 1950 to 1983, he worked in the Aerospace industry. For 17 years, he was employed as the Senior Electronics Design Engineer with General Dynamics, supervising over 1,000 of the brightest electronics engineers in the world. His acheivements included pioneering the development of guidance systems for military missiles.

In the late 1950’s, Ed began experimenting in the field of electro-medicine. Today, he is considered a leading expert using the the principles of bio-electric energy. Along with the other great inventors, such as Rife, Tesla, Gurvich, and Lakhovsky, the Skilling name has become a legend in  electro-medicine.

After over 40 years of work, the Skilling Institute debuted the Photon Genie in 2001. The Photon Genie has four attachments. These attachments transmits body friendly energy that stimulates the body’s innate healing ability. However, he continued working on improving the Skilling instruments, researching and developing even better technologies.

In 2010, the Skilling Institute released the Super Sauna (Photon Genius). It combined the most advanced Skilling technologies with the power of infrared. The Super Sauna represents advances in light, color, heat and sound transmission. At the Skilling Institute, we are constantly striving to improve on the vision of Ed Skilling for a healthier tomorrow.


  • Commissioned by California Cancer doctors in 1959 to evaluate a $30,000 Rife instrument.
  • Research determined the Rife frequency theory was not accurate and took electromedicine in a new direction.
  • Applied space age electronics to achieve better and more consistent results than prior technology.
  • Collaborated with Valerie Hunt on growing tissue.
  • Senior Electronics Design Engineer working for General Dynamics 17 years
  • Motivated by the death of several family members from cancer.
  • Coined the phrase: “The only known cure for cancer is your own immune system.”
  • Cracked the code to “power up” the immune system.
  • Developed complex circuitry built into Skilling instruments.
  • Learned how to communicate in harmony with the body’s natural resistance.
  • Responsible for thousands of inventions and technologies.

Warren Starnes

Warren Starnes was a successful business, legal and financial consultant. In his twenties, he trained with W. Clement Stone, a successful business man. Warren studied and mastered the Laws of Success (Napoleon Hill). He used these principles throughout his life.

After making his first million by age 29, he picked health as a “hobby.” He traveled the world to meet the greatest healers, gurus, shamans. Always seeking “result oriented” health practitioners.

What began as a hobby soon became a dominating force in his life. He gained the nickname: “Mr. Health,” consulting with people seeking his advice.

As his popularity grew, Warren became a familiar face on the California coast, where the health food craze first began. From there, he began to study and train with masters in other natural and healing arts. In the 1960s, he began Olympic training for long distance running. He became an expert in physical training, conditioning, and controlled high performance.

During this era, he began using traditional infrared saunas and continued almost daily for well over 40 years. He developed an anti-cancer lifestyle, becoming the “go to” authority on protocols worldwide for cancer treatment.

Over his life, Mr. Starnes studied and worked with leaders in the world of health. This included nutrition, performance, and longevity. Way before it was popular, he became a dedicated vegetarian. Warren hired H.L. Hunt’s personal chef away from him in order to open the first vegetarian restaurant in the state of Texas (early 1970’s).

In the late 1990s, Warren began working with Ed Skilling, as the Director of the Skilling Institute. When Ed Skilling and Warren Starnes teamed up, magic happened. The word “amazing” has applied to everything they have innovated.

But in spite of his healthy lifestyle and knowledge, Warren was diagnosed with four Stage 4, inoperable, terminal cancers (Prostate, Bladder, Urethra, and Skin). In 2007, the doctor’s gave him a few months to live. He had become a “good example” of how life style prevention is not enough. This prompted the development of the Photon Genius (renamed the Super Sauna). Desipite his original negative diagnosis, he lived a full life.

The Super Sauna (Photon Genius) was designed for the most challenging health situations. The robust design helps put the breaks on serious health situations. Its dynamic, body-friendly energy can help the body’s natural ability to reverse the momentum of poor health.

Futuristic Electromedicine
Synergistic Technologies

  • Therapeutic Light

  • Therapeutic Heat

  • Therapeutic Color

  • Therapeutic Sound

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I have experienced steady, healthy weight for over ten years since I began using the Super Sauna. It is so easy that sometimes it feels like it is “cheating” to feel and look so good (and I don’t go to the gym). The Super Sauna is like a “secret weapon” or like the “fountain of youth.” I notice my skin is softer and my skin rashes have gone away too! There are so many noticeable benefits.

— W.T.