About Skilling Institute Customers

Skilling Institute electromedicine customers include both health practitioners and individuals from all around the world.

Alternative therapy practitioners, healers, and medical doctors in over 42 countries around the world recommend Skilling technology which is complementary to their modalities:

* Medical Doctors, MDs
* Naturopathic Doctors, NDs
* Nutritionists
* Chinese Herbalists
* Acupuncturists
* Massage Therapists
* Colonic Practitioners
* Acupressure Therapists
* Craniologists
* Chiropractors
* Homeopathic Doctors
* Myopractors
* Oncologists
* Osteopaths
* Motivational Coaches, Counselors
* Yoga Teachers
* Sports Therapy & Rehab Specialists

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Email: info@edskilling.com

Skilling Institute
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Renaven (formerly Kidney Complex)

Strengthens kidney function; promotes safe kidney detoxification; helps clear putrid odors in the digestive tract; contains Ayurvedic herbs to tonify and nourish the kidneys. READ MORE

Liver ND (formerly Liver Nano-Detox)

Liver ND promotes healthy bile flow, fat digestion, normal range cholesterol levels; helps alleviate pain. READ MORE

Premier Research Labs

Additional information available for the results oriented specialty supplements including Premier Research Labs and more. READ MORE

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease mimics other diseases and is now known as the “great imitator.” It is often misdiagnosed and mistreated. READ MORE