When you are after results regarding your health, it is important to follow these steps for using alternative therapy. These are most improtant, when you are using alternative cancer treatments to fight cancer.

This is a brief introduction to alternative therapy from the Skilling Institute founded by Ed Skilling, electronics genius and world leader in electro-medicine.

Results-Oriented & Helps Immune System (Power to Immune System)

The purpose of a good treatment is to do what works for the results of noticeably better health and improved quality of life. The best health comes from the strongest immune system. Immune supporting therapies help achieve improved health. Immune powering therapies, though rare, increase the body’s ability to change, improve, regenerate and thrive against all challenges, and at every age.

Obviously, therapies that weaken or damage the immune system threaten good health, prevent efficient healing, and slow the body’s ability to survive.

Alternative Therapies To Avoid Severe Negative Side Effects (Harms Immune System)

Alternative therapies are considered primarily to avoid the severe negative side effects and ineffectiveness of all drugs, surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. There are hundreds of alternative therapies available, which can make it challenging for an individual to figure out how to proceed, what to choose and in what order of effectiveness. It helps to seek therapies that provide “noticeable” results and to seek them from those who have the necessary expertise and experience to “guide” you to your desired result.

When choosing alternative therapies, especially ones that are for alternative cancer treatment, it is extremely important, in fact vital, to follow a common sense approach. The following summarizes three common sense tips to employ for increasing your odds of optimum healing and health with alternative therapy.

Tip #1 – Avoid Seeking One “Magic Bullet” or A Single Treatment (cure); Use multiple therapies that work together to support and “power up” the immune system and increase your odds for improving, healing and recovering.

A normal and most common mistake when it comes to alternative therapy and medical health care in general, including alternative cancer treatments, is the natural tendency to seek, or gravitate to “one protocol” or “the” cure (a single solution) to treat cancer or other serious illnesses.

It is a “natural” tendency for all of us to want to “choose”. It almost makes it seem like we are “empowered” to be able to “choose” when it comes to treatments and protocols. It would seem that if we can just “choose” between something and something else we might be having some control over what otherwise is an “out-of-our-control” situation. It would also seem that by making a choice between treatments we might be choosing something “better” than something else, implying that by “choosing” we might be getting a better result. “Dream On”! It’s been said that “It’s a jungle out there”.

When you’re in a jungle it’s impossible for you to get out by your own choices and/or decisions. The only certain way is with an experienced “guide” directing the choices and you cooperatively following their lead. “Cancer loves it when you’re thinking”. You are simply playing into this enemy’s hand. The leadership (by experience) of the Skilling Institute is world renowned due to their 50 year association with Doctors and Health Professionals in 41 Countries.

The common sense approach recognizes that the odds of beating a serious condition like cancer are improved by utilizing multiple alternative therapies that have a history of working effectively. This requires the experience and knowledge of those rare individuals that have literally beaten the same, or worse, conditions that you have and accomplished that task under purposeful guidance by implementing multiple “result-oriented” protocols effectively. And, perhaps the most important consideration is:

  1. Did they know what they were doing in the process?
  2. Did they remember the details about how they accomplished it?
  3. Do they have the ability to explain it in a “common sense” and understandable way for you?

Tip #2 – Avoid Mismanaging Priority of Protocols; Know which therapies are your “Power Tools” & always do them in the most “result-oriented way.”

Seek “power tool protocols” first. By the experience of many before you, you can learn from those with the most experience beating, not treating, serious conditions what were the most effective protocols done to provide the most dynamic result…AND, DO THEM FIRST! Make sure you don’t waste time, money, and resources on “things to try”…you have more powerful protocols available that provide more effective results, when you access the most experience.

Electro-medicine is a “power tool” technology which is complementary and enhances and supports other therapies. Electro-medicine developed by Ed Skilling powers up the immune system which provides the power to assist other protocols in working more efficiently in the body.

Tip #3 – Avoid “User Errors” and Seek Expertise From Those With The Most Experience (beating, not treating); Make sure you seek guidance to achieve the most effective applications of therapies.

A good example related to this tip is Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy by oncologist Dr. Tulio Simoncini who wrote the book, Cancer Is A Fungus, which explains that sodium bicarbonate kills cancer and that cancer is a fungus.

Importantly the proper, experienced application and utilization of this protocol is vital for it to work. It appears, sounds and seems simple, but don’t bet your life on any practitioner being good at this just because they have a license (to practice)! Many doctors and practitioners may not have the experienced understanding of this, or other therapies if they are only using what they have read or heard. “Where the rubber meets the road is experience in action at the guidance of expertise”.

Like many areas of expertise, there are many levels of skill that come from experience. “There are many who can “tell” you what they “think” you should try/do, but very few with the personal experience to “show” you (guide and direct by experience).

For example, sodium bicarbonate has to physically touch the cancer in specific concentrations and for multiple periods of time to kill it. Depending on where the cancer is impacts how the sodium bicarbonate needs to be applied. Also, the amount and duration is critical as well as the concentration over multiple periods of time (very specific). If these parameters aren’t understood and skillfully applied, then the therapy is not successful. Also, keep in mind that therapies and protocols are dynamic and require fine-tuning and adjustment constantly. Seek the right kind of experience, expertise, and guidance.

For more information on “result-oriented” alternative therapies contact the Skilling Institute. The Skilling Institute is the world leader in electro-medicine and is associated with the most “result-oriented” doctors and healers around the world today.