Photon Energy Key Element of Regeneration

Photon energy is a key element of the regenerative and rejuvenating value of the “Skilling Advanced Tube Technology” and life-force energy transmission proprietary only in the Upgraded Photon Genie.

In concert with the life-force energy transmission through the ionized proprietary gases and other elements in the Photon Genie tubes, and “Skilling Advanced Energy Transmitter” communicating with all the cells of the body, the cells are re-programmed with the essential life-force process of enlivening energy, which then precipitates into the natural regenerative process throughout the body with power and ballance.

When the body is dynamically flowing with balanced vibrant coherent life-force energy there is no place for disease. When balanced coherent energy is flowing in and throughout all the cells, the body vibrates to a state of optimum health.

The Photon Genie technologies provide extremely fast acting and comprehensive health benefits. This approach is essentially symptom non-specific. This is because the unique technologies incorporated in the Photon Genie generate and process a dynamic vibrational life-force energy that communicates directly with the cells throughout the body on the level of direct and harmonic photobiotic nutrition.

This provides a broad range of noticeable results without negative side effects. The Photon-Genie communicates with all the cells of the body and attends to the health of each individual cell by re-establishing ideal cellular resonance and vibrational energy state while simultaneously devitalizing pathogens. This is creative health at its optimum best.

In research and clinical studies, after Photon Genie sessions, the following positive effects have been experienced:

  • Accelerated healing
  • Reduced or eliminated all types of pain
  • Tendonitis improvement
  • Reduced tension
  • Improved muscular back injuries
  • Reduced Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  • Reduced muscle or neck strains
  • Improved sports injuries
  • Improved joint strains and sprains
  • Dynamic healing bone fractures
  • Improved damaged/worn cartilage
  • Eliminated Gout
  • Improved Osteoporosis
  • Improved Fibromyalgia
  • Improved Lyme Disease
  • Improved Chronic Fatigue
  • Noticeable improvement in many other conditions