The more frequently you apply the Photon Genie, the faster you will see results. It does this by reenergizing the body’s cells with natural radiation. Many people even sleep with the Photon Genie Energy Transmitters (flat packs), without plugging in the Energy Wands (glass photon tubes).

Claims are made that over 60% of our required daily energy comes from natural radiation, with the remainder coming from nutrition. Modern life has meant that we are spending increasing amounts of time indoors, obstructed from the sun. This has meant that our cells have often been left depleted of energy and their natural regulatory and repair capability has been severely undermined.

The sun produces radiation over the full spectrum of electromagnetic waves and the Photon Genie is able to copy this and target the cells required. The cells may have been damaged through injury, toxins, disease, radiation etc. The Photon Genie will increase the cell’s energy, natural function and metabolism and once repaired the pain should disappear.

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Athletes Benefit From Pain Relief & Avoid Injury

Athletes are using the Photon Genie to maintain healthier muscles, ligaments and bones. Muscles and ligaments often breakdown with use over time. We experience the literal “last straw” in the form of pain when these actually tear, but with regular use of the Photon Genie, the body is constantly reconstructing and fortifying itself, so actual injury can be avoided altogether. And bones can actually increase in density, avoiding the “brittle” condition, which affords hairline cracks, leading to breaks. Plus long periods of time in heat or ice baths can be replaced with the more relaxing and less complicated application of the Photon Genie, which can be used any where you can plug it into an electrical source. (This includes cigarette lighters in vehicle with adapter.)