A large proportion of the body’s lymphatic tissue is distributed in the form of small nodules within the membranes lining the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. These structures contain various immune cells that provide site-specific protection against the numerous pathogens that may enter our bodies as we breathe and eat.

In the GI tract, these nodules are known as Peyer’s patches. They screen the contents of our digestive system for harmful invaders before these can be absorbed into the blood stream. In short, the lymph is a most critical indispensable part of the human cleansing, homeostatic, and defense systems.

Photon Genie – Release of Non-functional Protein Chains, Lumps, and Accumulations

The Photon Genie intensely transmits a proprietary complex system of frequencies, harmonics and life-force energy that is in harmony with the impedance of the body energetically.

This unique processing of life-force energy and a harmonically balanced stream of electrons temporarily disorganizes and releases the electrical bonds of non-functional protein chains, lumps, and accumulations. (Non-functional proteins are randomly structured and therefore susceptible to breakup by effectively transmitted and harmonically balanced electron ionization from without). Functional proteins in healthy tissue possess a structural alignment that is not susceptible to breakup by the specifically orchestrated harmonic transmission.

The ability of the Photon Genie to safely soften nodules of accumulated wastes located in the lymph is somewhat unique, in that it also gently stimulates peristalsis (movement) of the lymphatic vessels, and increases the drainage of toxins in connective tissues.

This lymphatic movement technology more quickly and effectively cleans out the lymph system more naturally and dynamically than any other current methods. The focus of this technology is on empowering organs and natural systems of the body at the cellular level to do what they were programmed to do, only with more balance of natural power and efficiency. When this occurs on a regular basis, a broad range of health improvements are allowed to follow.

The following conditions have been frequently found to improve and be favorably influenced by the Photon Genie and its dynamic lymph balance and movement:

  • Accelerated Healing of Many Bruises and Injuries
  • Homeostatic Systems (e.g. Cellular Nourishment and Cleansing)
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Physical Toxin Levels
  • Breast/Prostate and other Cancers (Control and Prevention)
  • Cysts and Fibrosis
  • Lymphostatic Edema
  • Optimal Immune Function
  • Arteriosclerosis (Prevention)
  • Cutaneous Scar Tissue

The lymphatic system includes the following functions:

  • Carries food and oxygen to the body’s cells and tissues
  • Moves and manages wastes and toxins within the body’s cells and tissues
  • Removes larger protein wastes from the body’s interstitial regions
  • Maintains fluid balance in the connective tissue
  • Removes excess proteins from many sources throughout the body
  • Removes antigen-antibody complexes, dead cells, androgens, estrogen, enzymes, lipoproteins
  • Removes foreign particulates and environmental toxins
  • Transports long-chain fatty acids (in food) from the small intestine to the liver
  • Provides the medium in which the immune system functions, and intimately assists with those critical life-saving functions

The Lymphatic structure is the fluid “paste”, connecting medium between enclosed arteries, capillaries, veins, the cells and tissues outside of those blood vessels. The difference is that the fluid system of blood moves all the time and the lymph doesn’t move at all, it is literally like paste.

In general, the veins absorb the smaller proteins and most of the fluid (including toxins) present in the lymph, and then return these to the heart. The second slow-moving part of the lymphatic system (it functions against gravity and without the assistance of the heart pump) returns the larger proteins, excess fluid, and remaining wastes and toxins to the kidneys for processing and elimination.

Lymph nodes are small kidney-shaped structures found at intervals along the lymphatic vessels. There are over 600 of them in our bodies, with particularly large concentrations found in the armpits, groin, and neck, and in the abdomen surrounding the intestines.

Like the much larger spleen, the lymph nodes function like filters–in this case filtering lymph fluid (very slow moving paste) rather than blood. Like the spleen, they contain large numbers of lymphocytes and other immune cells that destroy microbes and abnormal cells as they very slowly move through.

Lymph nodes are similar to the spleen in one other way, too. They act as storage sites for immune cells ready to be mobilized elsewhere in the body as needed. Since the lymph system doesn’t move naturally or easily, it’s just a matter of time until toxins build up and hurt organs, systems and tissues of every human body. By using the Photon Genie to dynamically move the lymph system daily, you can positively influence the entire body directly and indirectly, and yes, noticeably.