A well-known pioneer in electro-medicine, Dr. Robert Becker studied, not just the immune system, but also the cellular regeneration system. Becker was twice nominated for a Nobel Prize. He and other scientists found that tiny trickle electrical currents (early primitive techniques) placed across bone fractures, would result in a rather astounding set of cellular changes, which led to healing of the fracture by deposit of new bone.

Becker showed that the red blood cells coming into the electro-influenced area would shuck their hemoglobin and grow cellular nuclei (i.e., de-differentiate back to an earlier cellular state). Then these cells would re-differentiate into the type of cells that produced cartilage. Then those cells would differentiate into the type of cells that make bone and be deposited in the fracture to “grow bone” and increase healing of the fracture.

Western medical science is otherwise built upon and solely relies on intervention rather than natural healing. After intervention, the body’s cellular regenerative system (or what is left of it after damage by such medical interventions as surgery, chemical drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) is left entirely on its own to restore the extra, new medical and/or chemical damage and then heal the destroyed and damaged cells and tissues with its now more weakened and de-generated state.

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