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Renaven (formerly Kidney Complex)
Strengthens kidney function; promotes safe kidney detoxification; helps clear putrid odors in the digestive tract; contains Ayurvedic herbs to tonify and nourish the kidneys.

Liver ND (formerly Liver Nano-Detox)
Liver ND promotes healthy bile flow, fat digestion, normal range cholesterol levels; helps alleviate pain. Skilling Store

Premier Research Labs
Skilling Institute's online store offers results oriented speciatly supplements including Premier Research Labs and more . . .

Lyme Disease
Lyme Disease mimics other diseases and is now known as the “great imitator.” It is often misdiagnosed and mistreated.

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Skilling Institute
4340 E Indian School, Suite 21
Phoenix, AZ 85018
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Phone: (877) 777-4788
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  • Latest Medical News

  • June 2015 - - introduces illness from "sick buidling" syndrome (mold & bio-toxins); underlying cause for cancer and other catastrophic illness

  • Jan 2015 - Cancers Answers by Warren Starnes released (more info here)

  • Dec 2014 - Photon Genius & Photon Genie assisting man with Mesothelioma

  • Dec 2013 - Skilling Institute Photon Genie & Photon Genius demos A4M in Las Vegas

  • Jan 2013 - Radio Show Hello Dr CJ with Energy Life Center

  • July 2012 - Radio Show: Photon Genius

  • January 2012 - Photon Genius Videos

  • March 2010 - New Skilling Online Store: Offers Electromedicine & Specialty Supplements (results oriented)

  • January 2010 - Photon-Genius! Combines Skilling Electromedicine & Mega Infrared for total body conditioning and healing for very serious bodily conditions (Photon-Genius Brochure & Summary Sheet)

  • December 2009 - Photon-Genius Debut at A4M Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas - Photon-Genius Flyer

  • Skilling Institute recommends power supplements Waur International

  • December 2008 - Attractive commerical "lease to own" financing for Photon Genie available now. (Profit Example)

  • Leasing Advantages

  • December 2008 - Low or no interest consumer financing for Photon Genie available now.

  • June 2008 - Lyme-Autism Connection Conference - Photon Genie featured as complementary therapy for Lyme Disease and Autism.

  • Latest Medical News

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