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June 24, 2009
Lyme Disease mimics other diseases and is now known as the “great imitator.” It is often misdiagnosed and mistreated.

March 19, 2010
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March 24, 2010
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Skilling Institute
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Electromedicine & Ed Skilling


  • Commissioned by California Cancer doctors in 1959 and was given a $30,000 Rife instrument to evaluate.
  • Determined that the Rife frequency theory was not accurate and took electromedicine in a new direction; applied space age electronics. Achieved better and more consistent results than prior technology.
  • Collaborated with Valerie Hunt on growing tissue.
  • Worked for General Dynamics 17 years.
  • Electronics genius with an innate ability to accomplish a given function multiple ways, beyond electronics training.
  • Motivated because several family members died from cancer.
  • States only known cure for cancer is your immune system; Ed Skilling figured out how to communicate with the immune system and "power" it up.
  • Skilling technology is beyond frequency; the body is more dynamic than "numbers on a meter."
  • Complex circuitry built into Skilling instruments; makes instruments easy to use.
  • Communicates in harmony with impedance of body (resistance of body).
  • Responsible for 1000s of inventions and technologies (results oriented).


1895 - Nikola Tesla

1922 - Alexander Gurvich

1925 - Georges Lakhovsky

1935 - Royal Raymond Rife

1959 - Ed Skilling